Making a Bent Penis Straight Again

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease


Surgical Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease – The Gold Standard

Surgery, specifically penile prosthesis, remains the gold standard for treating Peyronie’s disease.

For patients with Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis (penile implant) is used to increase the rigidity, girth, and straighten the penis. After the penile implant is in place, the surgeon will inflate and deflate the prosthesis several times (called cycling) to ensure maximum straightening and girth is achieved in the once bent penis. It is recommended that patients perform this cycling of the penile implant several times a day for several weeks following surgery to help minimize the penile curvature.

Following the implant surgery, it is possible that some curvature of the penis will still exist. Your surgeon can determine if a procedure called plication can help alleviate the curve even further. Sutures can be placed on the side of the penis opposite the curve to plicate or straighten any bend in the penis.

Our team of surgeons is specially trained in minimally invasive penile implant and male sexual surgical techniques.  Penile prosthesis remains the gold-standard treatment for patients with ED and Peyronie’s disease. Because tip placement is maximized during this surgical procedure, the results are a straight penis and countless satisfied men.

Medical Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

As an alternative treatment to penile implants, medication is injected directly into the area where the plaque has formed to reduce the plaque as well as diminish pain and curvature of the penis.

  • Xiaflex is an FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment for Peyronie’s disease. This medicine works by decreasing the plaque that causes the curvature of the penis. Xiaflex is approved for use in men with plaque in the penis that causes a curvature of at least 30 degrees during erection. The injections are given in the doctor’s office and most men receive up to four treatments.
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