Everything You Need to Know About Penile Implants

“Minimally Invasive” Penile Implants


What is a “Minimally Invasive” Penile Implant?

This is a term used by some penile implant surgeons to denote a certain style of penile implant procedure.  Everyone strives for less invasiveness and with experience, that is usually met.  In my practice, as I show in my videos, I minimize tissue handling, avoid any bleeding, avoid dilation of the penis, and work gently but accurately to get the job done and avoid the long painful recoveries that patients experienced in the many years before my training and still now.

But a true “minimally invasive” penile implant is a trademarked term by a specific practice that employs an infrapubic procedure. This includes modifications such as a nasal speculum to place an ectopic reservoir and pump, an overnight drain, a fairly short operative time, and economy of motion during the procedure.  Many surgeons today have emulated some or all of the original steps that were described.

As with many marketing tools, this term is just that:  a marketing tool.  The infrapubic approach with ectopic reservoir from a skilled surgeon is perfectly reasonable, and in many cases may be absolutely terrific. But several surgeons, including myself, are working just as quickly and have comparable patient recoveries, short surgical times, and pure economy of motion during surgery.

As with all of my surgical philosophies, my own personal approach is to be “minimally invasive,” and I post all of my surgeries online and on my website so the patient has all the power. He can decide for himself which surgeon is not only less invasive, but better for his needs from a holistic standpoint.

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