The Lifespan of a Penile Implant

How Long Does a Penile Implant Last?


Life Expectancy of Penile Implants

How long does an inflatable penile implant last?

While the life expectancy of an implant is as unique as the man himself, in general, penile implants last 10 to 15 years. Some men will require a replacement sooner while others can go close to 20 years before a prosthetic replacement is needed.


Like any mechanical device, a penile implant is subject to normal wear and tear. Younger men, in their 40s or early 50s, may need a replacement at some point over the course of their lifetime.


If replacement surgery is necessary, the penile implant surgeons at Chesapeake Urology are experienced with the techniques required for continued success and sexual satisfaction. Replacement surgery, like revision procedures, is most successful when performed by a penile implant surgeon rather than a general surgeon for the mere fact that an implant specialist has the surgical know-how for this delicate procedure. When a penile prosthesis reaches its life limit, replacement surgery is as successful as the initial procedure, and many men experience less post-operative pain as the penile tissue has already been stretched to conform to the size of the implant.

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